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I’m Dee Odus. I develop iPhone apps.

I have ten years of experience as a software developer on various platforms, but I specialize in the development of iOS apps for the iPhone. I have a bachelor degree in computer science, and a MSc in software engineering. I have been developing iOS apps for five years. I pride himself in taking customers ideas from the paper to the App Store. Many apps I developed have received funding from angel investors and I am a co-founder of a New Zealand start-up currently valued at over $1 million. Customer satisfaction is my highest priority.

While I am not a graphic designer, I can also design your app for you. One-third of the apps that I have developed, I have also designed.

I will guide you through the process of making your app a success. Scroll down to see a selection of the apps that I have developed. If you have any questions, please use the contact form to message me. I look forward to collaborating with you.

Development Process

I observe the following development process for each project:

Concepts & Strategy

We’ll discuss all the app’s fundamental concepts and develop the best strategy to make them a reality. I require that you provide a simple document that lists all of your app’s requirements. I will then explain my development process in detail so that we are both on the same page.

Design & Layout

It’s important that you develop screen sketches before proceeding with the development process. You do not need advanced software to construct these; a simple paper sketch will suffice. App screenflow and wireframes are also required.


Development will begin once I receive your app requirements and screen sketches. I will send a progress report every few days so that you are always informed of your app’s progress. I will only begin to design an app after I have completed 70 to 80% of its functionalities. Design work comes last


Once an app is about 95% complete, I will send you a draft of the app. You will be able to test its functionality, taking note of any minor glitches or bugs that need to be fixed before the app is submitted to the App Store.

The Launch

Once the app is complete, I will guide you through the process of submitting your app to the App Store using your account information. If you would prefer to keep this information private, I am more than happy to guide you through this process abstractly.

Ongoing Support

I will continue to support your app even after it’s complete and submitted to the App Store. My ongoing support includes updating your app for the latest iOS releases, fixing any glitches that may arise, and making minor changes.

Development Cost

I develop iPhone apps at a very reasonable price. The cost varies depending on how much time and effort goes into the app’s development, as well as whether the app will require cloud-based storage, user account management, etc.

Please ask about other features, such as PayPal integration, social network (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) integration, in-app purchases, cloud storage, map integration, video and audio players, app notifications, app calendars, and contact integration.

Want to discuss a Project?

Basic App £500 - 1,000
Database Driven App £1000 - 3,000
App with Cloud Backend £3,500 - 5,000
Games £5,000+
Utilities etc. Contact Me


Outstanding service. He did a awesome job, i will definitely use him again and i will highly recommend him. He met all my needs and is very pleased with the app

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Dee led me through the whole process of creating an App to my specification. Has been transparent and very clear about timescales and costs throughout. Very communicative, responsive and fair. A real pleasure to work with. Highly recommended+++++

United Kingdom

Excellent experience, above and beyond expectations. Fantastic updates, excellent work, great communications, deliverable is out of this world. Will most certainly work with you again! Couldn’t be happier

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